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College Soccer Training Center: 

July 12th (One Day ID Camp)


Grades 8 - 12+     Cost: $295

CSTC Staff who have worked the camp in the past

For more information about the College Soccer Training Center/Midwest ID Camps please head to our Midwest ID Website:

Midwest Summer ID Camp

For over 20+ years, the College Soccer Training Center has been the standard for College ID Camps. This year we have partnered with our friends at ID Sports USA to run the Midwest Summer ID Camp. This camp brings to the Chicagoland area some of the nation’s top college coaches from Division I, II, III to provide maximum exposure while still creating that social environment for developing as a better teammate and players. Over the past 24 years, thousands of players have gone on to play in college with many of them talking about our camp as a turning point in their development and recruitment. More information about the Midwest ID Camp can be found at

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Tentative Schedule

College Soccer Training Center (CSTC) Schedule
(Midwest ID Camp)

              Day 1 - July 12
2:00PM-2:30PM    Registration
2:30PM Introductions
2:35PM-3:25PM Warm-Up and Technical Training
3:30PM        4:30PM Short-Sided Games
4:30PM         5:00PM Meal (Provided by Camper)        
5:00PM         5:30PM Recruiting Seminar/Coach Meetup (2025 Grads)
5:30PM         7:20PM 11 vs. 11 Games
7:20PM         7:30PM Wrap-Up and Dismissal      




















Frequently asked questions About the CSTC

Q: Is attending a high level camp important in the recruiting process?
A: College coaches are using camps as a primary recruiting tool.  Many of the top players at many schools found their way on to the roster via camp. Coach Lenahan discovered some of his best players though the CSTC  including MLS Draft Picks Tyler Miller, Dave Roth, Brad North and Oliver Kupe, Cole Missimo and Chicago Fire Homegrown signees, Chris Ritter and Joey Calistri attended the CSTC.  Often times when playing for your club team, a college coach will only get to see half of a game and maybe won't get to see you at your best. The CSTC allows for multiple hours of exposure allowing a coach to get a feel for your work ethic, personality, and coachability - often times the things that are the best indicators of success at the college level.

Q:  Who are your coaches ?  Do you employ all Divsion I coaches?
A:  We bring in some of the best coaches in the country to work the CSTC.  Many of them come back each year because they have used the CSTC as a primary recruiting tool to build their program.   Since not every player will be a Division I player, we provide a great cross section of Division I, II, and Division III coaches.  While some camps may bring in assistant coaches from the bigger schools for name recognition, at the CSTC we bring in mostly head coaches that are carefully selected because of their passion for coaching, their interest in recruiting players attending the camp, and their success in college coaching.  There is a reason that most coaches find the CSTC to be their favorite camp to work.   At least 1/3 of the up to 20 coaches will represent Division I schools.  Intense training, highly competitive  and with a goal of getting a high number of players in their program brings coaches back year after year.   We have a wait list of coaches who want to work the camp! Camp Director Soccer, Tim Lenahan, the Camp Director, has been an 8-time Coach of the Year Award Winner and is one of only three  Big Ten Coaches to have won Back to Back Big Ten Championships.  He has produced 17 Head Coaches at the intercollegiate level from his "coaching tree" and one Bundesliga Coach, Jesse Marsch at Red Bull Leipzig, and a La Liga Coach, Santiago Solari (now with Real Madrid)

Q:What is the principle philosophy of the College Soccer Training Center/Midwest ID Camp? 
A: Most importantly, it is to expose participants to what a genuine College experience is like. Some of the participants are incoming college freshman, so those who attend will be able to see how they “match up” with Division I scholarship players. You’ll be treated like a college player from the moment you arrive and are expected to embrace this opportunity.   We want your performance at the CSTC to lead to an opportunity to play soccer in college whether it be locally or for one of the dozens of college coaches working or observing at the camp.


Q: Will the CSTC/Midwest ID Camp provide advice on the recruiting process?
A: Our coaches will provide a detailed seminar on the recruiting process. In addition, the CSTC coaching staff will serve as references for you. Coaches are available for follow up to get a genuine feedback on your performance.  Since we give an honest assessment of your attitude, and work ethic, college coaches are going to be more likely to listen to our recommendations for their program.   Your coach at camp is on call throughout the year to provide honest feedback if a coach should call our office for information.  If you list the CSTC as one of the camps you have attended, we encourage coaches to call our office for an evaluation.  We will share your evaluation and put the college in direct contact with your CSTC coach who can share things about your work ethic, team commitment and other intangibles that may not show up in an evaluation.  Think of us as your own personal recruiting service. :-)