Elite Residential & Commuter Camps

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Residential & Commuter Camp   
July 24-27, 2024

Boys Grades 4 - 12
Commuter: $525
Residential: $695

First Responder  or   School Employee Discount     $50 off
Multi-Camper Discount                                            50% Off Each Additional Child

If you are looking to take your game up a notch from our Day Camps, the Elite Residential Camp has served the Chicagoland area for the past 20+ years. Camp is split up by age/ability and runs for four days with both overnight and commuter options. The morning provides technical training, the afternoon small sided games which build up to our competitive team matches in the evening. Our final day will see our championship games played while recognizing our “Campers of the Week” at our closing ceremonies at noon of the last day. A great experience in terms of both player development, social interaction and relationship development has been the standard for most campers through the years and a reason so many campers come back year after year.

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Daily Schedule (Subject to Change)

Day 1 - July 24

12:15PM 2:00PM Check-In for Residential Campers
1:30PM   2:00PM Check-In for Commuter Campers
2:05PM   2:25PM Camp Meeting at  Stadium Field at LFA
2:30PM   4:15PM
Training (All Teams)
2:30PM   3:30PM Goalkeeper Training with Coach Felcaro  
5:00PM  6:00PM Dinner
6:15PM   8:00PM League Matches
8:00PM Commuter Check-Out Fields
8:30PM Attendance in the Quad
9:00PM   10:00PM Movie Messi and ME
10:30PM   10:00PM Lights Out

Day 2 - July 25

7:30AM   8:30AM Breakfast 
9:00AM Commuter Check-In at Dorms
9:15AM   11:15AM Dunshee & Team Training
9:00AM   10:00AM Goalkeeper Training
12:00PM 1:00PM Lunch
1:30PM   2:30PM Goalkeeper Training
1:30PM   3:15PM Training & Combination Game
5:00PM   6:00PM Dinner
6:15PM   8:00PM League Matches
8:00PM Commuter Check-Out at Fields
8:30PM Attendance with Team in Quad
9:00PM   10:00PM Futsal/Indoor Soccer (Optional)
10:30PM Lights Out

Day 3 - July 26

7:30AM   8:30AM Breakfast 
9:00AM Commuter Check-In at Dorms
9:15AM   11:15AM Dunshee & Team Training
9:00AM   10:00AM Goalkeeper Training - GKs go to their teams after
12:00PM 1:00PM Lunch
1:30PM   3:30PM League Matches
3:30PM   4:30PM Pool
5:00PM   6:00PM Dinner
6:15PM   8:00PM League Matches
8:00PM Commuter Check-Out at Fields
8:30PM Attendance in the Quad
9:00PM   11:00PM Women's World Cup Final
11:15PM Lights Out


Day 4 - July 27

7:00AM   7:30AM Breakfast Followed by Luggage Move to Lobby
8:45AM Commuter Check-In at Dorms
9:15AM   11:15AM Championship League Matches
11:30AM   12:00PM Closing Ceremonies.
12:00PM Camp Over.  :-)

Residential & Commuter FAQ

Q: What type of Supervision is there in the dorms and to/from the fields?
A: Each floor in the dorm will have a floor supervisor in addition to members of the senior staff staying in the dorms during the camp. Campers are supervised walking to and from the field. The campers will walk to dinner with a coach. The dining hall is usually located adjacent to the dorm in which we are residing.

Q: Who are the coaches? Are there background checks completed on the staff?
A: The coaches on staff will be a combination of  coaches, current college players from other universities and local coaches with an educational background. There are background checks run on all coaches

Q: What meals are included?
A: All residential campers will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Lake Forest dining halls while commuters will receive lunch and dinner. The first meal served will be dinner on July 24 & the last meal will be breakfast on July 27.

Q: How about gluten free or meals for campers with peanut allergies?
A: We are happy to say that both gluten free and meals for those with peanut allergies are available by request.     Please contact us well in advance so we can make arrangements with the chef. 

Q: With the summer heat, what kind of hydration is available to campers?
A: On those days where it is very hot we will take extra breaks.  In addition, with the pool at Lake Forest Academy will be at our disposal, a quick dip in our lifeguard protected pool (optional) in the afternoon helps the body to cool down before the evening World Cup matches. 

Q: Do Commuters get the same training as Residential Campers?
A: The training for commuters and residential campers is the same. Residentials will have the option to also partake in our nightly "Futsal Night Lights" where we play Futsal indoors for those that want even more soccer.

Q: How do roommate request work?
A: We will match roommates based on who you request in the registration form. Our rooms are quads so people request each other we will do our best to put them in the rooms next to each other if more than four campers.

Q: What if I don't have a roommate request?
A: We have other single campers and you will be matched up with someone within one year of your age.

Q: What is a typical day like?
A: The morning will focus on ball skill, making things fun and challenging while the boys still have lots of energy. The afternoon is spent teaching the tactical part of the game, mixing those concepts into short sided play. After an optional cooling off at the beach and a good dinner, it is time for the league matches where all the day's work are put into competitive games. For those campers staying overnight, we offer a "Futsal Madness" or a movie back at the Residence Hall.

Q: Can parents observe the games?
A: We encourage parents to attend the league games and the final day for the league championships. There is no greater part of camps than the league matches, and having a large crowd makes the experience even more incredible. However, after Check-In, if a parent needs to enter the dorm, please inform the camp staff so we do not have adults wandering around the dormitories.  NO PARENTS/ADULTS ALLOWED BEYOND LOBBY AFTER CHECK-IN.

Q: Is there Goalkeeper training available?
A: Our goalkeeper Director, Ovidio Felcaro, is recognized as one the nation’s top goalkeeper trainers. With professional playing and coaching experience, along with international experience coaching at the highest levels including the World Cup in 1994, Ovidio uses his knowledge and tremendous personality to make goalkeeper training at the North Shore Soccer Camps a very memorable experience. Coach Felcaro will be present at the Residential and College Soccer Training Center Camps. We will have daily GK training at all day camps.